Get the Prime Advantage

1 subscription, unlimited possibilities

Agemni Prime doubles down on best-in-class service, giving you free access to additional software applications that can help you scale your business, launch new initiatives, and reduce technology expense. Our growing portfolio means you can leverage an increasing number of cutting-edge products, adding value for both you andyour customers.


A tangible “Thank You” for your business

First and foremost, it’s a tangible “Thank You” for your business, which works to strengthen our relationship, improve your return on investment, and demonstrate our commitment to 100% customer success. The proven offerings in Prime enable you to scale your business, take on new initiatives, and drastically reduce your technology expenses.

Cost Savings

Prime gives you thousands of dollars of software for free—so you can switch from high-dollar products or launch a new initiative you’ve been wanting to tackle. It’s the perfect way to fund your growth needs.

Streamlined Operations

Manage your company’s software solutions through one centralized provider. Your Customer Success Manager will be your central point of contact, minimizing communication and maximizing efficiency.

Growing Value

We continue to add new solutions through targeted acquisitions of leading enterprise software companies and technology solutions to our Prime portfolio. Our growth strategy enhances the Prime benefit for you with each addition.


Ready to get the Prime Advantage?

Agemni Prime includes Standard Editions of our popular enterprise applications and application development platforms, complete with Standard Support. If desired, in the future, you can upgrade to the optional Enterprise Editions and Platinum Support easily and affordably.

DNN is a leading .NET Content Management System for building a world class website with the extensibility, security and performance required by IT and the flexibility and ease-of-use required by business users.

Engine Yard contains the entire DevOps lifecycle for Ruby on Rails applications. It offers AWS infrastructure management, 24/7 support, app management, and architecture recommendations to make your life easier.

School Loop is an ADA/508-compliant content management system that helps schools and teachers create easy-to-use, beautiful, and modern websites to better connect with
parents and students.

SLI Systems’ AI-driven search optimization, personalization and merchandising e-commerce solutions turn site visitors into buyers by accurately predicting, in real time, which products they are most likely to buy. Optimize customer conversion rates, order value, and lifetime customer value./span>

Bizness Apps’ leading mobile app-building platform allows small businesses to build mobile solutions on iOS, Android and Progressive Web Apps.

Kayako’s leading customer service platform features ticketing and live chat, enabling you to drive customer success through simplicity, speed, and personalization across the customer journey.

FogBugz project management software helps you spend less time managing, and more time focused on creating your digital masterpiece. Align your team under a common purpose that allows you to plan, track and release great software.

MyAlerts’ personalization platform enables delivery of 100% relevant content based on change events on your site. Use it to drive 10x higher engagement with your customers.

You have the Key to Prime.

As a Agemni customer, you’re automatically eligible* for Prime. Get more from your existing dollars with this unique and valuable program designed to benefit your entire enterprise

*Eligible customers must be on an active Agemni subscription or support plan. Minimum annual charges may apply and determine eligibility. Technical support at the Standard level is included and may be upgraded for a fee to the Gold or Platinum level. Installation support is not included, but Platinum support consulting hours may be used to cover installation. This offer is available as long as you remain a customer under contract and pay maintenance on at least one company in the Prime program. It is not a short-term offer or trial.

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