Integrated payments for platforms isn’t a new concept. Platforms have been loosely integrating payments into their software for some time now. However, the process hasn’t always been very smooth and has been mostly outsourced. In the evolving world of software technology and business management platforms, merchants have come to expect more of an integrated experience. One where payments are naturally part of the software system they are using to manage their business.

Why Are Payments for Platforms Beneficial?

Payment processing is already an area of frustration for many merchants. It often takes weeks to set up due to a lengthy underwriting and application process, not to mention connecting all the technical pieces together once you are approved. To make matters worse, merchants often have to work with multiple third parties that provide different pieces of the payment processing puzzle. As a result, merchants often become confused and discouraged with the entire process. How nice would the user experience be if software platforms and applications could seamlessly create merchant accounts for their users right from within their platform?

Next Generation of Payments

The next generation of payments for platforms includes integration, onboarding (merchant creation and activation), omni-channel capability, compliance, billing, and reporting. Additionally, this type of integrated platform allows you to customize the payments experience to best meet the needs of your users.

This is why we have integrated with Zift. They simplify the entire process and create more of a seamless and integrated experience for our users. Integrated payments for platforms is the next big thing for software companies, so why not get ahead of the game and provide your users with the integrated experience they have been waiting for?