When you are running a business, you have to keep on top of EVERYTHING! How are you supposed to do that?! Well, it comes in two parts. Part one is having a good team to support you and part two is supporting your team with the right tools. One great tool, that is often overlooked, is having good controls around your internal process and procedure. Controls will help your team operate efficiently, will save money and will help to prevent errors and fraud.

Have you ever had equipment go missing? Are you using Excel spreadsheets to track reconciliations manually? How about Google calendar reminders for your 2x2x2 calls to new customers? And how in the wide world of sports are you limiting risk for those important customer credit card numbers you are accumulating? Nobody wants to be the business known for having a security breach.

All of this explains why having a CRM with internal controls is so important. Agemni helps track everything from antennas to LNB’s to receivers and XM kits. The cherry on top is that we have controls in place to help you stay in compliance on several fronts.

  • Customizable User Permissions: Your customers will know you care when you can explain to them that their personal information is only visible to employees who absolutely need to see it.
  • Audit Complete Safeguard: You can rest assured that your equipment will be accounted for because no additional items can be added for reimbursement when the work orders are marked as “Audit Completed”.
  • Callback & Task Reminders: You can know that those new contacts and long-term customers are taken care of with task reminders, 2x2x2 call follow-ups, and a technician scheduling calendar for your dispatcher. Who doesn’t want to make their life easier?

These are only a few examples of the way you can implement internal controls through Agemni.  We also offer sales management, payroll tracking, customer billing, and much more. You can consolidate all the different programs you are using into one software, that will bring you a return on investment in excess of money. You will be able to encourage your employee’s hard work with security and peace of mind when they know that what they do makes a difference to the customer and to you. Who wouldn’t want that?


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