With over 30 years of residential and commercial security industry experience, we identify with all the pains and hurdles there are to run your business. We understand how important data integrity is; from the monitoring station to billing, to service calls. We are dedicated to ensuring you are taking as few steps as possible to avoid costly mistakes. Your customers depend on you to provide safety and security for their homes, businesses, and family; and you can depend on us in assisting to make that happen. From top integrations from industry leaders to our proprietary billing engine, your back-office operations will be the last thing you worry about.


Agemni is the total software solution for the security alarm dealer.
Agemni serves AT&T dealers with a streamlined software platform.


We started as a small DISH and DirecTV retailers, but as our business grew exponentially, so did our pains. Similar to other satellite dealers, our growth was being hindered by a lack of simplicity. From humble beginnings came something great; a single developer was hired to make a software platform built specifically to simplify the back-office operations for satellite dealers. From customer entry, to reconciliation, and everything in between. It was a centralized database for your entire business. Our eagerness to simplify business operations has only grown over time. Whether your business is big or small, you can depend on us to help you save time and achieve your growth potential.


Agemni was started by individuals who were DISH & DirecTV retailers themselves in the early 2000’s. We can relate to the late nights and weekends spent reconciling commissions or struggles to track inventory, sales, and installations. We experienced firsthand how desperate the need for a robust, one-stop-shop was. That’s why we decided to fill that need with a software platform that could handle every aspect of being a DISH dealer. We are directly integrated with DISH, equipment distributors, and more; all to help you spend time where you want to spend it.

Agemni serves DISH retailers with a simple & versatile software platform.
Agemni has a custom workflow to support the solar industry.


Agemni has always had a habit of paying attention to emerging business verticals. With the fast growing solar initiatives throughout the country, we know how important it is to support the solar dealer. Whether your model is a sales only solar model, or one that facilitates sales, permitting, and installations; Agemni has your back-office at our forefront. You can rest assured we are always developing features to enable solar dealers to stay on top of their sales and installations.


Opportunities to branch into new industries excites us! We are not rigid when it comes to serving. Let’s chat about industries you’d like to see us supporting.

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