Keeping track of your customer information can be a task that you find yourself continually saying, ‘I’ll get to it tomorrow’. Then tomorrow comes and goes and now it’s 2 weeks later and you must put everything aside to get the account audited so you can get payroll processed. I’ve found that by creating daily tasks to complete, it makes the auditing process less daunting.

A few daily tasks to keep up with auditing:

  • Adding customer information – The first and most important step for auditing your customer account is adding all of your customer’s information. Without this step, it will make it very difficult to track anything.
  • Scheduling customer appointments – This will allow you to keep track when either a technician or salesperson needs to be at your customer’s house. Keeping on top of your appointments is very important and punctuality will reflect well on your business.
  • Adding equipment – By adding what equipment was used at the customer’s location, this will ensure that your inventory is under control. Additionally, confirming what equipment shows on your technicians’ trucks will help keep inventory accurate.
  • Completing the appointment – Once your technician has completed the appointment, it can be crucial to complete the appointment in the CRM software you are using. Sometimes commission payouts won’t generate unless the appointment is marked as completed in your software platform.

If you complete these 4 simple tasks daily, you will have more peace of mind with the accuracy of your customer accounts, inventory levels, and more. Having an effective auditing system is important for your company because it allows you to pursue and attain goals. Plus, business processes need various forms of internal control to facilitate supervision, prevent inaccurate transactions, measure performance, maintain business records, and report on productivity.

If you are interested in improving the accuracy and visibility of your data throughout your business, Agemni might be a good option for you. You can see what you expect for payment from your vendors, track customer invoices and collect payments, pull tax reports to prepare your accounts at years-end, and more. We have hundreds of reports that help you analyze your business activities, build profit and drive growth.

*Article written by Jodi Peppler.

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