AUSTIN, TEXAS, January 4, 2019 — Think3, today announced that it has acquired GY Agemni, LLC (Agemni). Agemni offers the industry-standard software platform used by satellite TV retailers and installers to manage and optimize their business.

Agemni’s ERP/CRM software enables business owners to manage their operation from a single software platform that includes customer qualification and management, scheduling, payroll, inventory, and reconciliation. Agemni’s PCI-compliant platform includes direct integrations with AT&T, DISH, and other service providers to enable efficient customer qualification, signup, and ongoing relationship management.

Now as part of the Think3 portfolio, Agemni and Think3 will execute an integration plan that will ensure clients receive the highest levels of customer service, product functionality, and technical support. Agemni joins Think3 Prime program – enabling satellite TV retailers and installers to utilize software across more than seventy other portfolio companies at no additional charge

“We have been impressed with the people, platform, and processes that Andy and the Think3 team have developed, and we’re excited for our current and future customers to benefit from the resources and ecosystem that comes through being a part of the Think3 family,” said Branden Neish, former Agemni CEO.

ESW Capital will initiate its Customer Success program for Agemni customers – a proven method for driving successful customer relationships and aligning product development with customer priorities. Andy Tryba, founder of the Think3 initiative and experienced technology industry executive, has been appointed CEO of Agemni.

“Agemni has a strong product and deep roots in the satellite dealer space, and I’m eager to augment and enhance the Agemni offering with the resources and platform we’ve built at Think 3” said Tryba.

About Think3

Think3 is a $1 billion private equity fund designed to enable SaaS founders to take more shots on goal. As a completely new kind of fund backed by proven experience in successful company acquisitions, we believe entrepreneurs should think of their careers as a portfolio and sell their companies earlier to move on to their next high-growth venture. We purchase SaaS companies and enable a unique transition process that empowers founders and their teams to then launch their next startup. For more information, please visit

About Agemni
Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Agemni has been serving independent satellite retailers and installers for over 15 years. Agemni is a cloud-based software-as-a-service ERP/CRM platform that enables business owners to efficiently manage customers, inventory, sales and installation, payroll, and reconciliation from a single source. Agemni counts many of the country’s largest and most successful satellite dealers as its long-time clients. For more information, visit

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