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Agemni streamlines your sales and back office functions with a single software platform. We link to multiple external providers so that you only enter information once, and it automatically flows to the correct place. Agemni saves you time and ensures your data is consistent across your providers and systems.

Connect your leads, sales personnel, technicians and back office in a single platform. Agemni provides a complete view of your customers, inventory and the current state of your business. Agemni will help you improve the accuracy of your data, decrease fraud, improve customer service and run your business more efficiently than ever before.


Agemni’s goal is to give you visibility to your customers, your business and your growth potential. Our reports help you analyze your business with integrated information to monitor activities, build profit and drive growth. You can pinpoint inefficiencies and optimize your business with access to basic reports (local customer, sales revenue, activations, transactions list, cash drawer management), mobile dashboards, and user management (roles and permissions). Request custom reports and Agemni can build you the data analytics you need. Business managers will have secure access to real time commissions reconciliation data, reports and dispute management.


The Agemni platform provides accounting, HR, lead management, sales, work orders, invoicing, billing, inventory, technician management and customer management in a single product. Let us help you simplify how you do business!

Agemni will streamline your business functions right out of the box by allowing you to put more time into growing your business while we focus on all the details of running your business. The Agemni software system manages the complete customer lifecycle from contact acquisition, contact follow-up, qualification with service providers, scheduling appointments for installation, post-installation satisfaction, and referrals. You can even capture upfront and recurring payments through our billing engine.


Agemni gives you the tools to better understand what to keep in stock and what you spend on each job. Our supply chain management automates steps from hardware procurement and pricing to assignment and reimbursement (PO, receive, transfer, sell, return), allowing you to focus on generating revenue rather than watching your inventory. We forecast your inventory needs based on past usage instead of min/max levels. Create your purchase orders and email them directly to your hardware vendors, easily transfer from warehouse-tech and vice-versa, including tech-tech, and view real-time inventory loads in your warehouse(s) and tech trucks.


Agemni has solutions to help your business grow by directly connecting you to major service providers. Double entry does not need to slow down your sales and installation process, and Agemni can help you with this with the major providers of satellite TV and internet. We have direct relationships with these companies and integration to help you make a sale quicker!

Agemni now offers a security product in our new ST3 platform, giving retailers in the security industry the most powerful tool on the market to conduct business, simplify their processes with our back end integration with cell forwarding and central stations. Let us show you the power ST3 has today!